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Proud Camden Exhibition

Experiencing Nirvana

27th March - 11th May 2014

Proud Camden presents Experiencing Nirvana; marking the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's untimely death. This exhibition, by photographers Charles Peterson and Steve Double, reveals a rare and intriguing insight into one of the most influential and important rock bands of the modern era.

Both Peterson and Double began photographing Nirvana at around the same time, in 1989 when the band had just signed to the Sub Pop label and released their first single ‘Bleach’. They are considered the foremost grunge photographers capturing the birth of the scene and the spirit of Nirvana. Peterson said that the grunge aesthetic was "...a supercharged lifestyle of expression, a familial community made up of ‘stray dogs from every village’ who all had the same aching need for something to do, preferably loud and diverting". After Kurt Cobain's tragic death in 1994, many people felt that the grunge scene had died. These photographs captured the essence of this generation and features iconic genre-defining live images of Nirvana playing onstage alongside never before seen images of the notoriously private band off-stage.

Coinciding with the UK launch of Bruce Pavitt's book of the same name, Proud Galleries is honoured to present Experiencing Nirvana; commemorating the life of Kurt Cobain, the reluctantly anointed "spokesman" for Generation X and Nirvana, who shaped the landscape of popular music while embodying the original, gritty spirit of rock and roll.


Proud Chelsea Exhibition

Senna: Photographs by Keith Sutton

6th March - 4th May 2014

To mark the 30th anniversary of his debut and the 20th anniversary of his legacy, Proud Galleries presents the official Ayrton Senna exhibition, an exhilarating celebration of the man considered the world’s greatest racing driver.

Working in partnership with Sutton Images and the Ayrton Senna Institute, this collection of photographs, taken by Keith Sutton, chart Senna’s titanic career. From his beginnings in Formula Ford to his domination of Formula 1 for 10 years until his accident at the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix.

Keith Sutton is indisputably Formula 1’s best known photographer. His relationship with Senna began when the young Formula Ford driver approached Keith in 1981 enquiring if he was a professional photographer. “When I said I was, he said he needed photos of him racing sending to Brazil on a regular basis. On that day he won his first race and I got some great photos of him celebrating on the podium late in the evening”.

So began the working relationship and friendship that would see Keith photographing this prodigious Brazilian talent and handling all his public relations. “From the moment I first photographed him...I knew I was witnessing an incredibly charismatic and talented young racing driver who would one day go on to become one of Formula One’s legends.” As their friendship blossomed, Keith continued to photograph Senna throughout his career both on the racetrack and in more private moments, creating the largest archive of this intense and forceful personality.

Proud Galleries is honoured to present this stunning collection of photographs commemorating the life and incredible talent of a man who would touch the limit and go boldly beyond.


Proud Camden Exhibition

Fifty Years of The Who by Colin Jones

6th February - 23rd March 2014

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the formation of London’s most explosive rock band, Proud Galleries is thrilled to present Fifty Years of The Who. This collection, shot by internationally renowned photographer Colin Jones, chronicles the life of a band regarded as one of the most important British rock groups of all time.

A friendship between Jones and The Who developed while he was photographing the band, which gave him unlimited access to them on the road, backstage and at home. Jones captured the wild on-stage antics of Keith Moon thrashing riotously at his drums, Pete Townshend sitting in front of the guitars he destroyed while performing and John Entwistle at home practising the guitar whilst his mother darns his socks. The intimacy of Jones’ photographs reveal an intriguing personal insight into The Who, hailed as the greatest live band on the planet.

The exhibition shows the youthful exuberance of a band who not only wanted to believe in Rock ‘n’ Roll, but wanted to feel it too. A must-see for fans and photography lovers alike, this unique exhibition sheds new light on one of Britain’s most iconic and most influential bands.