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Current Exhibitions

Proud Camden Exhibition

Terence Spencer: A Lasting Impression

1st June- 20th August 2017

Proud Galleries is delighted to announce ‘Terence Spencer: A Lasting Impression’, a playful retrospective exploring the youth and vivacity of one of Britain’s most defining decades. This unique exhibition features the many faces, fashions and sounds of the Swinging Sixties with prints showcasing iconic stars in their prime alongside the beauty of ordinary life and every- day style.

Born during a Zeppelin raid in 1918, Spencer was a dynamic and hardworking storyteller who went on to carve two celebrated careers. Prior to his success as a photographer,Spencer served in the R.A.F. flying Spitfires. Daring, adventurous and bold, he was decorated with the Distinguished Flying Cross and Croix de Guerre and continued to live vivaciously following ceasefire. In the aftermath of the war, Spencer embarked on his photographic career with the American photojournalism Magazine, LIFE, documenting world events and crises in areas of conflict across the globe. Speaking to a journalist in his later years, Spencer remarked that he was never nervous about being injured, humorously adding: “The only time I was ever hurt was when I was attacked by Paul McCartney after I discovered his hideaway in Scotland."

Proud Galleries will exhibit a charming collection of the late Terence Spencer’s prints, swapping scenes of violence for social enlightenment and cultural idols in booming Britain. Persuaded by his daughter Cara and her admiration of The Beatles, Spencer went on to tour with the band for 6 months. During this time he photographed their movements behind scenes, helping Ringo with his own photography and collating an enviable archive of over 5000 negatives.

Throughout the 1960s and beyond, Spencer used his experience as a photojournalist to document the fashions, youth culture, ground-breaking music and elated dreams of the generation, capturing the faces of real people, models, actors, designers, writers, and sportsmen alike. Spencer’s gregarious flair and ability to put his subjects at ease yielded photographs with an intrinsic light-heartedness. The star-studded collection is complete with natural shots of Muhammad Ali and Marianne Faithfull alongside photographs of entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson captured in the bath with a model aeroplane.

Proud Camden will celebrate a deeply humanising, honest collection of Terence Spencer’s extensive archive which embodies the liberalised popular culture of the ‘60s and offers a nostalgic snapshot of a dynamic period of social change and musical revolution.


Proud Chelsea Exhibition

Beggars Banquet: Photographs by Michael Joseph

July-August 2017

Proud Galleries is delighted to present Beggars Banquet: Photographs by Michael Joseph, an exhibition dedicated to The Rolling Stones’ infamous photoshoot of 1968.

Shot on location at the Gothic studio of Sarum Chase, Hampstead and the derelict ruins of Swarkestone in Derbyshire, Joseph’s photographs feature The Rolling Stones in an ethereal state. Elaborately staged portraits are contrasted with atmospheric shots of the band outside the barren manor house, surrounded by cattle and playing cricket in the overgrown grass. Joseph’s vibrant, eccentric style is clearly displayed in this renowned series with whimsical costumes and live animals used as props throughout the shoot.

Joseph was born in South Africa in 1941 and grew up amid Anti- Apartheid activity. After being gifted his first camera by his grandmother at the age of 6 he went on to shoot compelling scenes across the country before following a career in journalism and fashion. Proudly unconventional, Joseph remarked that he aimed to take photographs that were decisive and edgy, choosing the extraordinary over the ordinary.

At the heart of the exhibition is the medieval feast featured on the inside cover of The Stones’ 1968 album, ‘Beggars Banquet’. Characterised by its rich colours and beautiful lighting, this theatrical scene challenges traditional photography with a hazy, surreal style informed by Joseph’s admiration of Dutch renaissance artists Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Bruegel.

The photographs in this series take their place in the turbulent history of one of the most celebrated and influential albums of all time. The album signalled a return to The Stones’ roots in blues, country and Rock ‘n’ Roll and also marked the band’s last recording before Brian Jones’ untimely death. Despite a conflict between the band and producers whilst choosing the album’s cover, Joseph’s shot was ultimately selected to feature inside and remains one of the most admired photographs of The Stones.

Proud Chelsea will provide a rare opportunity to see the results of this photoshoot together in one unique exhibition, exploring Michael Joseph’s approach to photography as a fine art and offering an unconventional view of a Rock ‘n’ Roll band in their prime.


Future Exhibitions

Proud Galleries Exhibition

Imagination Against Reality by William Blanchard

29th - 30th September 2017

Proud Galleries presents an exhibition of contemporary Pop Art ‘through the looking glass’ with an exclusive series of graphic collages by former Rock ‘n’ Roll musician and DJ William Blanchard.

Best known for creating works that are visual and highly engaging, Blanchard draws on the sporadic nature of graffiti, urban life, rock music and capitalist imagery, challenging traditional notions of art with socially engaged reactions. Blanchard’s distinctive visual expression and style has garnered the attention of an eclectic celebrity following including Jason Donovan and Florence Welch, and continues to spark interest globally.

Imagination against Reality will look at the distinction between normality and distortion, exploring themes of music, psychedelia, art and popular culture. Influenced from a lifetime performing within the indie music scene and collaborations with prolific street artists including Ben Eine, Blanchard has said: “My life feels like a living collage and everywhere I have ever lived, my environment ends up a part of me, and me of it.” The collages and assemblages within this exhibition are deeply personal, with reflections deriving from Blanchard’s own childhood possessions, flea markets and street finds amongst musical influences.

Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s 1865 novel Alice in Wonderland, Blanchard explores a concept in which “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality”. Visitors to the exhibition will be invited to enter Blanchard’s own re-imagined world, drawing on Carroll’s peculiar fantasy and its psychedelic connotations. Proud Galleries offers an insight into contemporary Popism through the eyes of Wildcat Will, bringing the symbiotic nature of urban life, music, revolution and art together, with inspiration from Sixties anarchism to today’s political activism.