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John Stewart Farrier

Renowned documentary photographer, John Stewart Farrier, born 1947 and lives in Faversham Kent, first encountered photography at the age of seven. His father would often convert the family’s kitchen into a make-shift darkroom on Saturday nights, and the two would develop and print family pictures taken on a “little magic box”; John’s father’s Kodak Baby Box Brownie. “My important job was to hang the small prints, after being washed, on a thin string line held between the kitchen cupboards with clothes pegs and wait until the prints had dried before taking them down. Such excitement for one so young! I still have the magic camera that sits with pride upon a batch of his faded prints in my office.” But the camera with which Farrier took some of his most celebrated shots, was to be his faithful Nikon F100 camera (with automatic focusing and loading mainly Ilford HP5 plus 400 black and white film). He says that a mixture of “natural light plus the love of composition” is all he needs. Farrier has photographed a number of Prime Ministers and leading political figures (including Margaret Thatcher, Harold Wilson and James Callaghan); plus major celebrities from the world of entertainment (including The Beatles, Sir Cliff Richard, Roald Dahl, Sir Tom Stoppard, Sir Terry Wogan and Hardy Amies). A recent exhibition of Farrier’s rare and unseen Beatles photographs was displayed in Lilford Gallery, Canterbury, in February 2012. He is also presenting some of his political photography in a special reception of politicians and Prime Ministers at The Institute of Directors, Pall Mall, London, this year. Farrier hopes to publish a book of his political photography in 2013. Farrier is currently the director of ‘The Brand Identity’, based in Kent. Farrier's photographs feature in the 2013 exhibition Voices from Westminster at The Strand Gallery.