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Bob Solly

Bob Solly sang and played guitar in various rock ‘n’ roll situations during the 1950s. He left art school in 1963 to join a professional group called Band Seven and co-founded the Manish Boys the following year. This was a hardcore R&B band, in which David Bowie was the lead vocalist. After the demise of the Manish Boys, in 1965, Bob turned his hand to writing songs for a living and began journalistic writing, with magazines such as Time Out, at the end of the decade.  In more recent times, Bob has worked as an international designer and architect and privately ran a successful mail order business for many years. He is a much-published feature writer with two books to his credit, and now intends to complete a novel he had to shelve during his wife’s terminal illness. He lives in London with his Siamese cat and a vast record collection accumulated since 1949.