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Robert Matheu

With a somewhat delinquent childhood in Detroit, Matheu discovered photography to be a fast way to make a quick buck. Sneaking into gigs to capture what he saw, after ditching a parole officer, inadvertently evolved into a higher aesthetic calling. Matheu honed his photographic skills over the years by working with many of the musicians he shot, often accompanying them on tour and documenting their ascent from local acts to living icons. Collaborating with the likes of George Harrison to Johnny Cash, Matheu has featured in Rolling Stone, Life, Time and Vogue, among others. Standing out as the cornerstone of his photographic career are the images collected with Iggy Pop and the Stooges, accompanying a four decade long relationship. Proud Camden presented a selection of images from Matheu in the 2012 exhibition Adam Ant: Dandy in the Underworld, A Photographic Retrospective.