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Johnny Dewe Mathews

Trained as an architect, Johnny Dewe Mathews came into the world of photography after being completely enthralled at an exhibition of Lucas Samares’ self portraits. From that point in 1972 he picked up a camera and began to shoot artists, fashion designers and rock stars. Although a self-proclaimed timid character, Mathews was living amongst the Warhol crowd in Manhattan, the perfect setting to photograph the most fashionable of people of the time. In 1974 he was introduced to the then director of the National Portrait Gallery and was approached to put on a solo show of his work. Although branching into the world of watercolours, Mathews’ fashion photos have become some of the most iconic of their time and he continues to work within both media. It was in 1973 that he shot the intimate family photos of Ossie Clark displayed in Proud Galleries’ Ossie Clark: The King of Kings Road Reigns Again.