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Al Satterwhite

Al Satterwhite started work at a young age photographing for a major newspaper, The St. Petersburg Times, while still in high school in Florida. Continuing to work for them through college; the Sixties saw him cover the major news stories in Florida as a freelancer for United Press International. In 1969, after a year as the Governor of Florida’s personal photographer, he quit to start a career as a freelance magazine photographer with Camera 5. Over the next ten year’s Satterwhite worked on assignments for major magazines such as Fortune, Newsweek, Playboy, Sports Illustrated and Time. After spending time in California on editorial work, he moved to New York to concentrate on advertising developing a reputation for a keen sense of design and composition. His work ranged from aerial work to miniatures in the studio to major production campaigns with clients including Coca Cola, DuPont, Nikon, Saab, Universal Studios and American Express- to name a few. Satterwhite’s ever growing collection of national and international awards only enforce his reputation as an authority on colour and design with four published books on the subject.