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Roberta Bayley

New York based Roberta Bayley spent the seventies recording the new world of punk. After leaving San Francisco State University, Bayley moved to the big apple in 1974 to find everyone looking for the next big thing. From 1975 she worked the door at CBGB on Sunday nights, band night, where she started to photograph the different artists. Bayley shot the first album covers for The Ramones, Richard Hell and Johnny Thunder’s Heartbreakers. Memories recollect working for Blondie in guerrilla warfare, recording the end of the Sex Pistols, and travelling across America with Richard Hell in a 1959 Cadillac. Bayley put away her camera in the 1980’s, satisfied with her collection of evidence from the decade past. Proud Camden was pleased to present Bayley’s work in the group exhibition The Day The Music Died in 2011.