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Jim Wiseman

The period of alternating despair and hope during the late 1960’s in the US created the fascinating events and way of life that spurred Wiseman into documenting his surroundings. After studying at Washington University, Wiseman went on to complete photographic workshops at The Center of the Eye in Colorado to pursue a possible photographic career. In 1968 he was asked to photograph Jimi Hendrix in an on stage session instigating his love for music photography. His collection includes The Who, Jarvis Cocker and The Grateful Dead, among others.  Wiseman’s close relationship to his subjects allowed access to shots never before seen. He developed his photographic interests to include a more experimental style after studying video art leading to work with Nam June Paik, Shuya Abe and Dan Sandin. Wiseman has moved toward a more journalistic approach in subject since the eighties and continues to develop his craft with ever changing technology.