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Led Zeppelin

Jorgen Angel

Led Zeppelin

Size: 17x18” | Edition: Open

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Led Zeppelin, Denmark, 28th February 1970 

Jorgen Angel (born in 1951 in Copenhagen, Denmark) has been a photographer in the music industry since the late sixties up til the early eighties. He has provided photos for innumerable magazines, album covers, books in Scandinavia and elsewhere. Jorgen Angel has taken his photos all over Scandinavia, Great Britain and The United States – at concerts, press receptions, exclusive sessions or on the road with the bands. Jorgen Angel’s art has its strength in the warm relation he developed with the objects of his photography. He would follow his work to obscure striptease shows with Alice Cooper, at the private homes of bands like The Who, Roxy Music, Pretty Things and Uriah Heep, or go with Arthur Brown to the countryside to get his much appreciated photographs. Angel's photographs feature in Proud Chelsea's 2015 exhibition Led Zeppelin From the Beginning. 


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