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Brian Jones

Pure Evil

Brian Jones

Size: 100x100cm | Edition Size: 10

Stencil spray paint on canvas

SKU/Cat Number: PE024

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Brian Jones, “Anita Pallenberg’s Nightmare”, London

Charles Uzzell-Edwards, better known as Pure Evil, takes inspiration from 60s icons with Warhol-esque portraits of Mick Jagger,Twiggy and Jane Birkin showcasing doomed and dripping portraits. These pieces feature his trademark 'tear' emblem which justifies his artistic excursions into the darker side of people and their social ills. This amalgamation of humour, art and malevolence is captured throughout this portrait of the Kings Road. From the early 1960s, Chelsea was a hubbub of creative activity and the epicenter of Swinging London. It was frequented by a large community of literary figures and artists, moving through the 70s and 80s with the birth of the British punk movement and the opening of Vivienne Westwood's infamous ‘SEX’ shop alongside husband Malcolm McLaren.


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