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A Case of You

Steven Parke

A Case of You

Size: 16x20"

Print Type: Signed Archival Digital Print | Limited Edition: 25

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The Dawntreader, Paisley Park Studios, 1997

Steve Parke is a Baltimore-based photographer who became recognised for his work as Prince’s art director at Paisley Park. The pair met in the late 1980s and collaborated for over 13 years at the historic private estate and recording studio. Parke and Prince formed a strong professional bond, often working through the night to realise new experimental projects. Their close relationship provided Parke with a unique insight into Prince’s character, resulting in an archive of over 500 rare and intimate photographs which explore Prince’s persona on-and-off the stage. Parke recently published his book ‘Picturing Prince: Photographs by Steve Parke’, featuring his favourite shots alongside anecdotes and memorable stories. The content combines to create an intimate portrait that captures Prince’s multifaceted mystique. 


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