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Mark Shaw


24 x 36” | Edition Size: 15

SKU/Cat Number: JFK027MS

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JFK on the dunes, Hyannis Port, 1959

In 1959, Shaw was commissioned to shoot what would become his most memorable photographs; intimate portraits of Jacqueline Kennedy as her husband Senator John F. Kennedy was running his Presidential campaign. Over time he built a strong rapport with the family and became entrusted as the Kennedys’ unofficial photographer. Shaw documented ‘The American Royals’ at the White House and at their holiday home in Hyannis Port, producing his much loved photographs of the family in both official and candid settings. His close friendship revealed an unparalleled insight into their intriguing domestic life.

The exhibition includes JFK’s favourite portrait of himself, an introspective image of John wistfully walking into the landscape with his back turned, amongst other depictions of self-reflectivity. These quiet moments are contrasted with loving connections between mother and child, regal portraits of the celebrated couple and a playful image of Jackie leaning out of the family sailing boat clutching Shaw’s camera. The settings of Shaw's pictures vary from vacation retreats to the White House, but in each photograph the sense of optimism in the American Dream is present.


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