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In Gratitude

Mark Thompson

In Gratitude

Size: 122 x 88 cm

Medium: Oil on wood panel

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In Gratitude (for Akira Kosemura), 2018, Mark Thompson. Oil on Wood Panel.

Contemporary artist Mark Thompson was born in the UK in 1972. After studying Fine Art at the Slade School in London, he held his first solo exhibition at Proud Galleries in 1998. Since then he has gone on to display his work internationally, and his paintings are included in various prestigious collections, such as the UK Government Art Collection and The Microsoft Corporate Collection. Now based in Sweden, Thompson’s eerie and dramatic works are reminiscent of the barren landscapes and Nordic Noir aesthetic that surround him. His distinctive approach to oil painting takes influence from early photography and long camera exposures, slowing down motion and creating desolate scenes. Thompson’s technique highlights the fugitive nature of memory, relying on his own recollections and their hazy imperfection as he recreates his landscapes over several months. According to Thompson, “I see painting [as] a way to engage with or punctuate my own time as it falls away, and each work becomes a marker in my own history. The paintings are in many ways portraits of loss; a time and a space that has already gone, something seen for the last time”. Thompson’s work will be on display in Proud Central’s 2019 exhibition ‘Mark Thompson: The World Distilled’.