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Bruce Springsteen

Lynn Goldsmith

Bruce Springsteen

Size: 16x20" | Edition: 20

Print Type: Signed Archival Giclée print

SKU/Cat Number: LG004BS

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Bruce Springsteen giving the shhh, 1977

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Over the last four decades Lynn Goldsmith’s photographic contributions have made her a rock legend in her own right. Her collection includes Elvis, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Bob Marley among other music idols. Her candid personal relationships combined with her own unique creativity have yielded her images iconic. Goldsmith was able to capture rock icon Bruce Springsteen at a turning point in his career; these images were exhibited at Proud Chelsea in 2012 in Springsteen: The Turning Point 1977-1979. Her creative flair has not only been expressed through photography. Goldsmith’s ventures in directing film and television spots have proved just as successful with her induction into the DGA as its youngest ever member. Her entrepreneurial skill established her as the founder of LGI Photo Agency in 1976, representing over two hundred photographers work. Recent work has seen Goldsmith explore the world of optic-music art not only for entertainment but for educational purposes as well. 


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