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Marilyn Monroe

Bruno Bernard

Marilyn Monroe

Size: 16 x 20" | Edition: 90

Print Type: Archival Pigment

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Marilyn Monroe, Palm Springs, California, c.1949

Professionally known as Bernard of Hollywood, Bruno Bernard was one of the most sought after glamour photographers of Hollywood’s Golden Era. Bernard’s infamous images reflect the faces of Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, Gregory Peck, John Wayne, Elvis Presley, Lucille Ball and others. Bernard was the first photographer to be honoured by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Studio. Bernard of Hollywood became a name that for decades visually insured the image of glamour. ‘The Posed Candid’ and ‘Elongated Leg’ are both terms now commonly used in glamour photography created by his directorial photographic approach. Born in Berlin in 1912, Bernard fled Nazi Germany in 1937 with a doctorate in criminal law and labelled on the Gestapo hit list. Bernard returned to Germany in the sixties to become a photojournalist, eventually retiring to Palma de Mallorca. Bernard’s relationship with Marilyn Monroe was most recently exhibited at Proud Chelsea in Marilyn: Intimate Exposures in 2012


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