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Masauna Kristiansen with Whip

Ragnar Axelsson

Masauna Kristiansen with Whip

Size: 24 x 32" | Edition: 15

Print Type: Signed Giclée

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Masauna Kristiansen with Whip, Inglefield Fjord, North Greenland 1987

Ragnar Axelsson, born in Iceland in 1958, has worked forMorgunblaðið’ Iceland’s biggest newspaper since 1976 and has won numerous awards for his contribution to the world of photojournalism. A documentary photographer, RAX as he also calls himself, has been travelling to the Arctic for over 30 years chronicling the civilisations in the harshest climates in the world. Although his images possess a dreamlike quality, the same message of reality appears to lie beneath every photograph, a reminder of mans futile battle against the insurmountable and vast power of nature. In this way, his photographs depicting the surreal and epic tundra of a northern land that is slowly being dragged from our clutches by global warming are incredibly beautiful and positively arresting.  Axelsson’s work was exhibited at Proud Chelsea in the exhibition The Last Days of The Arctic in January 2012.


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