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The Beat Hotel

Harold Chapman

The Beat Hotel

Size: 16 x 20" | Edition: 30

Print Type: Signed Silver Gelatin

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Left to Right: Robin Page, Canadian painter; Peter Bishop, English journalist; Larry Yampolsky, news-reel cameraman; Madame Rachou; Thomas Neurath, now chairman of his family firm Thames & Hudson publishing; Peter Golding, London fashion designer and inventor of stretch denim; and John Hammer. The Beat Hotel, Paris, 1960

Chronicling the passionate and powerful Beat movement in the Parisian 50’s is what Harold Chapman has become renowned for. Born in 1927 he set himself up in the Beat Hotel in Paris and as Rob Sharp states in a review of Chapman’s work, he was a man ‘who never missed a Beat.’ He photographed Peter Oblovsky, Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs among other residents of the infamous Beat Hotel. Chapman exhibited his extensive and complex collection of photographs of the Beat era in an exhibition at Proud Chelsea called The Beat Hotel in 2010. 


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