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Ken Russell

Paul Joyce

Ken Russell

Size: 16x12"

Signed Vintage, Silver Gelatin Print

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Ken Russell, Borrowdale, 1977

In a career spanning over forty years, Paul Joyce has captured an impressive array of actors, film makers, and artists from Jane Fonda in full ‘Barbarella’ garb to sculptor Henry Moore. Striking and insightful portraits simmer at the surface of a countless array of talents including directing in film and TV. Leaving university to be a banker could not satisfy his creative brain; Joyce refocused on the London School of Film Technique, what he recalls as his ‘crossing the Rubicon moment.’ Joyce delved into film transforming a silent theatre piece into a short. Soon after studios were employing him to shoot publicity material introducing him to the talent that would become the focus of his lens, exhibited at Proud Chelsea in 2010 in Unseen Portraits. 


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