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Size: 16x20" | Edition: 75

Print Type: Silver gelatin, editioned by photographer on the front

SKU/Cat Number: JFK5

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Frenzy, Boston, Massachusetts, August 1960

Jacques Lowe was born in Cologne in 1930 and won LIFE magazine’s contest for young photographers in 1951, beginning his first assignment in Europe under Roy Stryker shortly after. He quickly went on to make a name for himself contributing to publications such as TIME, LIFE, Paris Match and The Saturday Evening Post throughout the early 1950s. He won prizes for his photo-journalistic work with gypsy communities printed in Jubilee magazine, before meeting Robert F. Kennedy in 1956. The Kennedy family admired Lowe’s style of photography, and he was subsequently asked by Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy to photograph his “other son”, Jack. This introduction would lead to a friendship between the pair and Lowe becoming his official campaign photographer. He declined the offer of White House Photographer, but remained throughout JFK’s administration, capturing behind the scenes images of his family life and personal relationships. After Robert Kennedy’s assassination in 1968, Lowe packed up his successful advertising and corporate photography business, moving to France and withdrawing from the world of photography until he revisited New York 18 years later. He worked for the New York Times and People magazine, producing documentaries on both the Kennedy years and Jazz, for which he had a great enthusiasm.


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