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The Beatles

Robert Whitaker

The Beatles

Size: 16x20" | Edition: Artist's Proof

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The Beatles at Circus Krone Bau in Munich, Germany, 1966

Distinguished British photographer Robert Whitaker embarked on his life-long photographic adventure in his late teens, moving to Melbourne a few years after picking up a camera and photographing the flourishing art scene of Australia. It is said that his close friendships with art dealer Georges Mora and painter Mirka Mora were the most influential and important relationships he ever had that made him the world-renowned photographer he is today. While running a penthouse photography studio in Melbourne, Whitaker came into contact with the Beatles, and from that meeting was offered a job in England to shoot the band and many other artists. He became such close friends with the band that he followed them for years, and with them produced some of his most iconic shots. In 1969 he produced a collection of legendary editorial photos of Ossie Clark’s designs that were included in Proud Galleries’ Ossie Clark: The King of Kings Road Reigns Again. His photographs of The Beatles have been exhibited in the 2014 Proud Chelsea exhibition The Beatles: Inside and Out.


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