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Sponsoring Proud Galleries offers a number of opportunities for your company.


Guaranteed major articles in National and International press, features in Style/fashion magazines and wide scale TV/Radio coverage. With over £10 million in press coverage per year and extensive experience in placing the brand name into this coverage, Proud Galleries will be uniquely able to generate massive media exposure tailored to reinforce the brand. The average amount of press secured per show is £500,000. Proud can provide you with specific exhibition press studies, all scanned coverage and valuation per show.

Opening Night

Proud Galleries have a tradition of bringing together a crowd of key celebrities, opinion makers and journalists to their internationally acclaimed opening nights, with past attendees ranging from Kate Moss, Noel Fielding, Liam Gallagher, Lizzie Jagger, Pixie Geldof, Damon Albarn, Matthew Williamson, Gwen Stefani, Bobby Gillespie, Dame Judi Dench, Joe Strummer, Simon & Yasmin Le Bon, Damien Hirst, Elton John, Joan Collins, Anthony Kiedis, Jude Law, Meg Matthews, Roger Moore, Jodie Kidd, Mike Skinner, Pete Doherty, Helena Christensen, Sir Paul McCartney, a celebrity campaign is tailored towards the brands launch night.


All invites and venues will be suitably branded and the sponsors product can also be on display or demonstrated. The Gallery can also be used for press launches and VIP entertainment evenings.


Based on exhibitions such as 'Each One Believing' hosted by Sir Paul McCartney and 'All About Bond' by Terry O'Neill, which attracted 10 000 viewers, we expect between 7,000 - 15,000 people to attend an average show.


Photographers normally charge vast sums for their photography to be used for promotional ends. The Proud Brand Name allows us to successfully short-circuit this process.


Proud Galleries is the Brand Name for Rock 'n' Roll Photography in the UK, with an outstanding reputation across Europe and the USA. Please see for photos of the galleries and more info.


Proud have gained over £350,000 a year from repeat sponsors who include: Sony Ericsson, Ladbrokes, Budweiser, Levis, Coors, Playboy, Absolut, Raw Tobacco, Bark Design, Reading Room, Jaguar, HMV, Audi, XFM, Tower Records, Universal, Intel, Pioneer, Hewlett Packard, Columbia Tri Star and Capital Gold. Please feel free to ask for plaudits.


For further information, please contact Kate Boenigk. 0207 839 4942 |